From GAIA's research, we have found that there are great real estate development opportunities in the Energy Markets of North Dakota, U.S.A.

However, we acknowledged that the Energy Markets present challenges, demands and opportunities that are quite unlike that presented by “normal” markets. Wherein it is commonly said that when you build it, they, meaning buyers, will come, developing in Energy Markets requires not just knowledge about real estate development but also about cultivating a close relationship with industry players as well.

GAIA's goal is to maximize the region's real estate investment potential by teaming up with key consultants and experienced contractors to develop profitable real estate projects.

Project types are selected basing on their efficiency and profitability and includes apartments and hotels as well as other types of residential and commercial projects in the growing Cities of Williston, Watford City & Dickinson, North Dakota.

GAIA has an established partnership with EMC Development Group LLC in the U.S. to create aformidable partnership to capitalize on the real estate development opportunities in North Dakota's Oil Shale Energy Market. Thus, we will be venturing in to hotel and apartment development projects in North Dakota in the near future.